APS reviews governance protocols

The APS has been looking at how the association is set up so it remains relevant to the needs of all its members. The association wants to be flexible in the way it is constituted so it can respond quickly to changing circumstances and new demands while delivering quality services to members.

Jonathan Moulam: “Organisation’s structure no longer relevant.”

“It is some time since APS canvassed your thoughts about its board, council and committees,” said APS president Jonathan Moulam.

“It came as no surprise that you confirmed what we thought – APS was good at putting on events and the day-to-day administration of your membership but the structure of the organisation was no longer relevant to the way people worked or the type of membership body they wanted.

“Since then, the association has reviewed what it does, seeking lessons in best practice from other membership bodies and has come up with some ideas to streamline how APS is organised and how members can have more of a say.”

Moulam added: “We will set out our detailed proposals in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we are working with our lawyers – and with help from Sarah Booth, our expert consultant on how firms are set up and governed – to identify ways to improve our legal framework.”

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