New golden thread details clarified

golden thread

Experts have welcomed further clarifications to the development, maintenance and operation of the ‘golden thread’ of information. 

Part 4 of the Building Safety Act 2022 covers the procedures for the golden thread, mandatory occurrence reporting and handing over information. This applies for both new and existing HRBs in England. 

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) released the new details in October, in response to industry feedback. The clarification sets out the mandatory information required to be stored in the golden thread under the Building Safety Act, as well as requirements for residents and IT systems. 

Documents to be included for the golden thread include fire safety information as well as documents that clients for a scheme (conducted under the competent person scheme) have to provide to the responsible person, registration information and key building information.

The department restated that it is not mandating one single IT system for the golden thread. It said: “The government is not proposing the use of a single system, but that information and documents should be able to be transferred electronically to others.” 

Electronic information provision

The DLUHC noted the concerns raised about fire and rescue authorities needing to digitally access the golden thread. “The government will be mandating that certain golden thread information will have to be provided electronically to the local fire and rescue authority,” it said.

“Government will continue working closely with the Building Safety Regulator to ensure that principal accountable persons and accountable persons have the necessary guidance to create and manage the golden thread information effectively.”

Allan Binns, architectural director at Ryder Architecture, said: “DLUHC’s recent clarifications are a much welcome steer for all involved in the built environment.

“While the guidance provides us with a good indication of what is needed, it is important to stress that each project will be unique. With this, an information manager must work with the client at the very start of the project to ensure that the documents and information gathered are not only fit for meeting the requirements of the gateways but are also compatible with the principal accountable person’s approach to creating and operating a building safety case.”

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