Rail workers escape as runaway trolley hits work equipment

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) has opened an investigation into a runaway trolley and its collision with work equipment at North Rode, Cheshire.

On 26 May, at around 5am, a track trolley on a descending gradient headed towards a site of work and a team of track workers. They saw it approaching and moved clear of its path before it collided with equipment being used for moving rails within the work site.

The trolley and rail-moving equipment following the collision
The runaway trolley and rail-moving equipment following the collision (Image courtesy of Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group)

The trolley derailed in the collision, which caused damage to it and the rail-moving equipment.

No one was injured.

The trolley was being used by a team to transport work equipment when the accident happened. It travelled uncontrolled for approximately 1,100m before the collision occurred after its brakes failed.

RAIB’s investigation will look into the sequence of events which led to this accident and publish its findings and any recommendations to improve safety.

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